Meet the Characters
A Maiden's Honor

There is a wide array of characters in A Maiden’s Honor. They come from diverse cultures, including the South Pacific, Africa, United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, and France. Each character brings a unique dynamic to the story. If I may, I would like to introduce you to the characters in A Maidens Honor.

The Protagonists

Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell is a blend of her Scottish and South Pacific heritage. Born to Scottish parents, Sarah looks like a Scottish lass with burgundy hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Her mannerisms, her demeanor, thoughts and even her dress preference are all Polynesian. Sarah was born and raised in a primitive culture where money, land ownership, titles, and 19th-century technology are unknown to her. She is completely unprepared for a life in the Western world.
Hassan Aziz

By reputation, Hassan Aziz is the most feared Corsair pirate on the Barbary Coast and is the captain of the Zafirah., but he is more than he claims to be.

The Zafirah

The Crew of the Zafirah

Tristain Thatcher &
Luke Finch

Tristan Thatcher and Luke Finch are Hassan’s loyal bodyguards.
Dr. Peter Hyatt

Peter Hyatt is Hassan’s friend and ship’s doctor. He lived in Tahiti and left embittered from a bad experience. Peter is also the only person among Hassan's crew who speaks the Polynesian language fluently.

The Royal Algerian Family

Naa'il Dhar,
The Dey of Algiers

Naa’il Dhar is the villain. He is the Dey (or the leader) of Algiers. He is ruthless, and his commands are laws. He does not hesitate to assassinate threats to his authority. Though he would never openly admit it, the women in his life have a powerful influence over him. A few even succeed in changing him, including Sarah.

Mariam is Naa’il’s first wife and the mother of Naa’il’s four daughters. She is strong, principled, fiercely devoted to her daughters and protecting their way of life.
Jamal Rahmani,
The Vizier of Algiers

Jamal is Mariam’s older brother. He is also Naa’il’s most trusted advisor, the Vizier of Algiers. Jamal constantly has to balance his loyalties between his sister and his employer.

Samina is Naa’il’s second wife. She is young and impressionable. While Mariam is an incurable traditionalist, Samina is curious about the outside world and all the trappings that come with it.

The Other Residents of the Algerian Palace

Cora Bradley

Cora Bradley is one of Naa’il’s American captives. She is a strong woman with an unwavering faith and is a powerful influence on Naa'il.   
Abigail Randall

Abigail Randall is Cora’s younger cousin and fellow captive. 

Mamnoon helps to keep order in Naa’il’s harem. He is also Cora’s protector and confidant.

Bashira runs the palace harem. She is a matron, a friend, a disciplinarian to the women in the harem. Everyone who knows her adores and respects her.
Tess O'Shea

Tess O’Shea is one of the many concubines in the Palace harem. She is from Ireland who arrived in Algiers to escape the consequences of her shady past.
There are other characters in A Maiden’s Honor, but I will let you discover them for yourself.